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Denise Ward

Explore a stunning collection of completed needlepoint projects that have been transformed into extraordinary masterpieces. From elegant pillows and framed artwork to functional accessories and home decor items, our finishing services add the perfect final touch to your stitching creations.

Denise's Needlepoint Journey

I’ve been a needleworker since I was 7 years old. My grandmother presented me with a crewel kit, and taught me a few stitches. I expanded into needlepoint kits as I became a teenager, and continued with those for years--until I discovered this cute little store in Larchmont.

Stitch by Stitch. I had never seen anything like it. So many beautiful canvases. So detailed. Handpainted! So many threads. I never saw needlepoint fashioned like this. Christmas ornaments. Wall hangings. Framed work. Wallets! Totes! Handbags! I was awestruck.

Betty and Madalena guided me through my first few pieces - a pillow, a standup. They showed me the world beyond basketweave, how and why I needed a frame and then a stand and then...well. There are simply never enough needlepoint accessories, from magnets to laying tools to all kinds of needles to all kinds of bags--every visit, I found -- and still find something wonderful.

New designers. Favorite designers. New toys. New books. New stitch guides. And always, always new canvases. And an ever-increasing number of ways to show off and share my work.

Along the way I made lots of new friends. And stitched and stitched and stitched. I took classes with some incredible teachers, like Tony Minieri and Jinny McAuliffe. But most importantly, and what makes my very favorite store in the world so very special, are the folks I find at Stitch by Stitch. We all share the same love, the same passion, and the same fascination with creating our own unique pieces. I am so very grateful to have found Betty and Madalena, and all the wonderful people at Stitch by Stitch. I am so pleased to share my passion with fellow fans.

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