Meet + Greet

Rachel Barri Designs

Meet & Greet / Trunk Show

Thursday, Sept 26th 1-4PM

20% off

(except her new 9/23 releases)

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Stitch with Rachel

Sept 26th 4-7PM. Call to reserve.

Space limited.

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Kelly Clark

Nutcrackers, acorns, Easter eggs, baskets galore!

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In-person market

Autumn Needlepoint Reunion

Preview the sneak peaks by the designers of the Autumn Needlepoint Reunion in Frisco, TX from Oct 13-15th.

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5 Sessions, $498 per person

Raymond Crawford NYC Wreath Class

5x Tuesday Afternoon Sessions 1:00-3:00 PM. Jan 9th, Jan 23rd, Feb 6th, Feb 20th, & Mar 5th. Taught by Mary Ellen Winnicki.

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welcome to the new

Stitch by Stitch

We're excited to welcome you to our new look and feel, helping to bring a creative calm to your craft.

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Easy to learn

Our guides make needlepoint a breeze to learn.

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Relaxing & Creative

Let your worries slip away as you indulge in calm.

Benefits of Needlepoint

Meaningful, homemade gifts

Make one-of-a-kind gifts that loved ones will treasure.

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The Creative Way to Unwind

Find your focus

Stitch by Stitch is the premier destination for needlepoint enthusiasts of all levels.

Blue/Green Geometric Class (Thursday)

This Blue/Green Geometric Class is the first of four classes offered at the Stitch by Stitch Gallery.

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Lake Side Class

Starts September 28th, 10AM-12PM

The first of four sessions.

call to reserve
Elaine Aidonidis Class

Coming: March 8-9th. Details will be announced soon. Save the date.

Rachel Barri Pop Up

Meet & Greet 1:00-4:00PM

All Welcome to Attend

Stitch In: 4:00-7:00PM

September 26th

Call to reserve StitchIn' Time

October 4th, 5-7PM

$15 per person

call to reserve
Elizabeth Crane Swartz

October 21st, All Day

All Welcome to Attend

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Masterful Transformations

Experience the Joy of a Finished Masterpiece

We understand the passion and dedication that goes into completing a canvas. That's why we are honored to be part of your creative journey, offering expert finishing services that add the perfect finishing touch to your project.

Your Simple Needlepoint Journey

From Canvas to Creation


Explore our collections and choose your desired project. Beginners, dive in with our recommended starter kits.


Receive your canvas promptly and kick-start your stitching journey. Need guidance? Join a class or connect with our support.


Turn your needlepoint into a decorative or functional object with our expert finishing services.


Proudly display and share your masterpiece. Be part of our community showcase, if you wish.


Whether it's a stunning standup, a decorative pillow, or a unique accessory, we'll help you transform your work into a true masterpiece.

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Custom Painting

Our artist can help you beautifully transform your picture or photo onto canvas.

Explore Custom Painting
Ghost Stitching

Bring your canvas to life, adding intricate details and vibrant colors that seamlessly blend with your stitches.

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If you're just starting out, we take the stress out of stitching.

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Stitcher of the Month

Barbara Eustis

Every month, we shine a spotlight on the exceptional talents of one of our dedicated stitchers.

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The Stitch Squad

Stitch by Stitch was founded by a team of passionate needlepoint enthusiasts who wanted to share their love of the craft with others. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where stitchers of all levels can come together and learn, create, and share.

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