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Mc McEvoy

Explore a stunning collection of completed needlepoint projects that have been transformed into extraordinary masterpieces. From elegant pillows and framed artwork to functional accessories and home decor items, our finishing services add the perfect final touch to your stitching creations.

Mc's Needlepoint Journey

I started stitching about 20 years ago. A friend of mine, MaryEllen Johnston showed me a belt that she had stitched for her husband Donny. It was a Memory Belt! I absolutely loved it and immediately wanted to stitch one for my hubby. I went to Stitch by Stitch, and to my surprise, Betty Scanlon was the owner!! She and I had known each other for years from our sons being on the same CYO sports team and Iona Prep! What a coincidence!!! Betty helped me design the belt and voila! I was off to the races in my new stitching career.

I have since needlepointed a variety of things. (Pillows, jewelry boxes, trays, clutches, pictures, belts and ornaments.). The various projects are endless and the beautiful canvases to choose from are stunning. I always look forward to the girls coming back from their market experience to see what new items they have for me for my next project. Needless to say, I have quite a few "Next Projects!". Right now I am needlepointing a large tote "PARIS" for my sister. It is a gem.

Stitching for me is relaxing and it gives me time to meditate on whatever. I also enjoy listening to audio books while stitching. I have encouraged friends to start this rewarding hobby. It is very fulfilling to me and I make many friends happy when I gift them a project I have finished.

Happy Stitching!


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