Stitcher of the Month

Pam Ellsworth

Pam's Needlepoint Journey

I first started needlepointing as a child with the Dimensions kits but it came to a halt with high school, college, medical school, residency, fellowship and career. Like many New Englanders I took up knitting, but 9-11 and the potential "lethal knitting needle" plane restrictions led me back to needlepoint.

A career move to Florida and the lack of need for shawls, sweaters, hats and mittens allowed me to focus on needlepoint. Several fantastic friends, teachers and shops have helped me develop my skills and passion for needlepoint.

Halloween is my favorite theme to stitch given the wonderful colors. I have a Halloween wall with the witches and a canvas that is a tribute to my pups "Beware little monsters live here".

Even the bathrooms have canvases including beaded gators and mary poppins – Whimsy is key.

When my friend and former owner of Osterville Needlepoint, Joyce Gresh, sold her shop I was devastated. I sought out online access to shops and followed facebook and Instagram where I came upon Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont, NY.

What an amazing shop and outstanding customer service. The website is amazing and you always tease me with market previews and respond to my many questions and requests. Despite being miles away and not being able to come in, the personal service, the willingness to find what I want, help select fibers has allowed me to develop quite the stash which continues to bring me such enjoyment. I hope some day I can visit, particularly when you host Bad Bitch or other fun designers, but I truly feel that the service you provide me from afar makes me feel like I been to the shop many times.

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September Stitcher of the month

Barbara Eustis

I started stitching when I was in elementary school. My mother was very talented with a needle and could do just about anything, from quilting, monogramming, sewing and knitting , but she didn’t like needlepoint. I begged her to get a canvas for me when I was about 10 and I’ve been stitching ever since...

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